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Billions of dollars are being invested in brand new developments which are aiming to not only improve transport routes and commercial activity, but also to solidify Indonesia’s growing reputation as a hub of financial activity.

President Joko Widodo has already announced plans to build hundreds of new buildings and a mass rapid transport system in Jakarta to make it easier for locals and visitors alike to navigate the burgeoning metropolis.

Market changes

The effect on construction companies has been significant, with shares of Wijaya Karya, the state-controlled building firm, doubling in 2014. Things have been even more positive at other state-controlled firms, with shares in Waskita Karya and Pembangunan Perumahan nearly tripling.

Indonesia construction sector are very promising. Government has announced to build more than hundreds of infrastructure projects in transportation and energy to fasten Indonesia economic growth. There are many construction global construction company entering Indonesia construction market.

The local players have to improve their capability to manage mega projects to compete with these global players

The Challenges

The challenges for both parties to win the competition is a shortage of highly skill employees, especially construction engineers. The issues is not only quantity but also quality in terms of competencies and experiences. Companies cannot reply on regular university graduates anymore.

Construction companies have to build their own and speed up the development process of competent and experienced employees.

What We Do

PQM Consultants helps several client to define their talent poll and development method to accelerate competency development process to fulfill business need of qualified and competent employees. Our long term clients from construction industry are PT Total Bangun Persada, Tbk and PT Rekayasa Industries, Tbk.