PQM Consultants | Emotional Intelligence: Its Role In Developing People

Emotional Intelligence: Its Role In Developing People

This seminar held on:

March 26, 1997 in Jakarta

In daily life, we often find intellectually brilliant people who fall short in their personal and professional life. They may be ill adapted in social situations or low in productivity. Then people started to doubt whether IQ alone is enough to predict one’s success factor.

Objectives of The Seminar:

  • Gain a thorough overview of emotional intelligence and learn how it increases the effectiveness of the HR function within organization.
  • Have a clearer perspective of the relationship between technical and emotional development and its influence on human.
  • Receive practical strategies on how to cultivate an EQ organizational mindset and discover the personal HR skills needed to accomplish this objective Gain a better understanding of their own emotional make-ups and how they can further develop their EQ proficiency.


Dr. Patricia Patton is a motivational speaker, seminar presenter and management consultant on Emotional Intelligence and Personal Development for Organizations that want to improve their performance, productivity, profitability, staff retention and morale. Her rich and diverse professional background working in the private and public sectors, serving in leadership and management level positions coupled with her academic with her academic training in education and speaking experience makes her an expert in emotional intelligence and human development. Read more…