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Service Excellence

SService is about taking action to create values for someone else. We believe Service is the main competitive advantage that separate great organization from the others. It is about how we engage and always deliver the right value for the customers. We all know how great organizations like Disney, Zappos, Google, Amazon, and Nordstrom have legendary services that go beyond their industries. They become legend in the head and heart of their customers. This happened because of their long term commitments in building Service Culture.

PQM Consultants has served clients from various industries to improve their service culture. We have helped client to equipped their employees with a great mindset and skills of Service Excellence & Handling Complaint. We provide the measurement of customer satisfaction. We also have helped client build a system of service excellence that lasting and bring significant results to the improvement of their customer delight.

  • Service Excellence Skills Enhancement: Put the “WOW” to Your Customers
  • Handling Customer Complaints: Using Complaint as a Gift Strategy
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey: From Design & Implementation to Follow Up

Service Excellence Case Studies