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Total Productive Maintenance

TTotal Productive Maintenance is the key to eliminate losses in production; especially losses happened due to damage and engine performance. TPM is intended to eliminate various types of Loss Time such as non-value added working time machine. Through TPM, many companies have been able to improve quality, productivity and efficiency in their factory significantly.

Based on PQM’s experience in assisting clients, one of the TPM’s success keys is to engage Management, Production Team, Maintenance Team, and other Divisions as a whole team who works as “Partnership of Change” in positive circumstances.

TPM is practically applied in the workplace (gemba), replicating Best Practices and Proven Method which has been successfully applied. TPM provides a way to support the company’s strategy to achieve the goal:

  • TPM’s infrastructure which support team-based working (from top management to shopfloor members)
  • Focus on improving knowledge and development for employees
  • Build relationship system, human, machinery / equipment and technology
  • Prepare Kaizen culture (Continuous Improvement) and Problem Solving
  • Build Daily Management System (DMS) to align corporate goals with operational activities
Total Productive Maintenance Case Studies